Thai Rich Fruits

  About Us  

Established in 2011, Rich Fruits is committed to the wholesale trading of quality Thai fruits to international markets in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Rich’s products can be found in major supermarket chains, hotels, and enterprises and institutions within the distribution area achieving annual sales of approximately 10 million USD.

From the outset, Rich Fruits explored a different brand development path in order to break the traditional sales model of wholesale fruit sales. By setting up factories and plants in Thailand to produce and package products, Rich Fruits has set itself apart from the competitors.

Our foundation is three 1,500-acre pollution free, high quality orchards, and three processing plants in Thailand, all maintaining stringent quality control standards.

Rich Fruits provides a one-stop service for retail, wholesale, and supermarket distribution. Along with sound internal network management, professional cold-chain logistics and distribution, and a reduction in the intermediate links, Rich makes a more direct connection between farm and customer. These factors ensure not only the freshest product, but also the most cost effective merchandise.