Thai Rich Fruits

Our Farms

Rich Fruits is committed to supplying the finest fruits found in Thailand. To achieve this, we work very closely with a select group of farms. Quality control measures are performed throughout the growing season. Our team follows the fruit from the first bloom on the tree, until the fruit is at the ideal ripeness. Hand harvesting allows our team to ensure that our customers receive only the best of the crop.

Our first check ensures that the trees are healthy and capable of bearing quality fruit.

Our second check makes sure the fruit is organic and that no harmful pesticides have been used while the fruit is growing.

Our final quality check is hand picking the fruit. Thai fruits, although grown in the tropical region, have more delicate peels and their shapes are often not uniform, making machine picking difficult. Machines cannot differentiate between acceptable and unacceptable produce, and may harm the tender peel. Rich Fruits employs experienced workers who use traditional methods of hand picking by comparing size, elasticity, shape, fragrance, or other steps to strictly control the quality of fruit picked; all of which ensures our customers receive the most delicious, and the most healthy fruit available.